Wednesday, March 31, 2010

all the pretty girls

So I don't have work until next Wednesday, which means I'll probably be on here a lot. Aren't you excited? (Oh, also, I did lots better than I thought this quarter, even though I peaced out on a lot of my class meetings. Two As, two Bs, and a B-).

"My favorite kinds of actors are the chameleons, like Daniel Day-Lewis or Peter Sellers, people like that. To me, the highest compliment you can pay to an actor is, "Man, I didn't recognize you". So yeah, "Hesher" is really different from "Tom" in (500) Days of Summer (2009)" and you know, that's what keeps it spicy for me." -- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has always been a favorite of mine since 3rd Rock From the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You (I guess he has a thing for numbers, what with (500) Days of Summer added to the list). He's really come into his own since the cute-little-puppy-dog-face that reeled me in. And my goodness he knows how to dress. Thanks Gigi, for this link. Click here for the style article that goes along with the pictures above.

Everything that follows are just pretty things or things I want like a dutch bike and the necklace of books. I'll probably narrow it down to just a couple pictures to a post, but right now, as an end of the month treat, you get an overload. Tomorrow is April 1, so I'll do a whole new playlist for you to ring in the day of fools.

And the thing giving me the most happies right now: my overstuffed bookcase housing the likes of Otis Redding, Flannery O'Connor, George Saunders, Donovan, Paul Simon (and Art), Joy Williams, Lorrie Moorie, Jim Halpert, Dave Eggers, and David Sedaris.


  1. it's funny. i was watching quantum leap today and in one of the episodes your little puppy dog made an appearance.


  2. I've dug him since his 10 things days.

    So, you get in to SF State :D?

  3. Back off! He's mine. :)



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