Monday, February 21, 2011

how to dress well

On Valentine's day, Johnny and I spent the night in, cooking and writing. I had a short story to write that I had to turn in the next day, so I spent the whole day at my laptop conjuring up lives and worlds and conditions. We did make an amazing kabob with pineapple and peppers and a parfait for dessert. Yum. No pictures, though (I know it's been a while for an outfit post. I've been feeling not-so-cute lately).

I did want to share my VDay present from J with you all. It's not the complete thing though, because he hasn't made the cover of my mix cd called "I'll Be Yr Bird" (he makes the best album art). I'll post it up once he gives it to me :) This cd manages to be lovely, and cute, and beautiful, and silly, and too too cool, and CUTE, and wonderful, and perfect. Every. Single. Song. Here's the epic tracklist:

1. La La Love You - Pixies
2. I'll Be Yr Bird - M. Ward
3. You And Me - Penny & the Quarters
4. Love You - Syd Barrett
5. Wowie Zowie - Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
6. I Love You - The Velvet Underground
7. By Your Side - Beachwood Sparks
8. Forever In My Life - Prince
9. Islands - The xx
10. Blue Moon - Big Star
11. Bluish - Animal Collective
12. You're So Good to Me - The Beach Boys
13. That's How Strong My Love Is - Otis Redding
14. My Girl - The Rolling Stones
15. Love Story - Harry Nilsson

Anyway, he got me this perfume I had been sniffing out from Anthropologie when we were in Santa Barbara. I know, I know, I never did a post on our trip. The short of it is that we went to SB for a little weekender, stayed at a cute little B&B called The White Jasmine, hiked up to this ruins called Knapp's Castle, went to the zoo where I found the cutest little fox that I wish was my VDay gift, ate lots, walked lots, and shopped on State Street lots. :) Click here to check out my album from the trip.

...and Cape Dory from Tennis on vinyl! I lovelovelove Tennis and J ordered it and it came in the mail that night. :) Check 'em out.

...and he got us tickets to go see How To Dress Well perform in L.A. this Friday :)

Speaking of vinyl, J and I went to the record expo in Claremont the day before Valentines Day and scored some great soul classics like Solomon Burke and Sam Cooke (and I got a "Best of" collection of James Brown just for the song "I Got The Feelin'" because it was featured on the Cosby Show, which is on Instant on Netflix in its entirety. I'm on Season 4 already!) LOVE.

And since I've deprived you of my face for so long, here are a few pictures from my Writer's Conference in D.C. that took place at the beginning of the month :) It was about a half a week long in Washington D.C. Just enough time for me to do some site-seeing with some of the other girls in my Fiction program. For more pictures, click here. I guess I could give you the lowdown on one of my outfits, too :)

Forever 21 dress tucked into American Apparel high waist pants, UO bag, Anthropologie headband.

ASOS trench

Monday, February 7, 2011

too much

So I have lots to do. Reading, editing, story writing, making J's VDay present, cleaning/decorating my room, working, papers. I also have two update posts to write here; one being my Santa Barbara trip with J and the other being the Writer's conference I just got back from in D.C. Those will come later. In the meantime, here's a little post on this cute vintage space out in LA called Space 15 Twenty. My friend and coworker Aaliyah modeled for them for the opening of the store The Loved One Pop Up Shop (from Hannah of Hannah and Landon. Check out her Etsy shop here.) recently, where she was all prettied up in cute lingerie and sat on a swing in the middle of the floor. Super cute. Here's some pictures from Space 15 Twenty's flickr. Click on the link to see all of them. And as usual, click on the pics in my entry to view 'em bigger (Sometimes I don't like big photo entries).

Cute lil Aaliyah.

Our friends Alia and Jerod went to see her. I wish I could have gone but I was in DC. :(

If you're in the LA area, check it out. Just in time for valentine's day :) I think Aaliyah and I will be there Wednesday! See ya there, perhaps!


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