Thursday, April 28, 2011

ding dang

Today I had class canceled since my amazing professor, Kevin, had a reading to do up north-- for some reason it still felt like playing hooky even though I didn't actually have class. So, Johnny and I went to Riverside to eat at Simple Simon's, thrift, and record shop. I love that whole area of Riverside, especially the Mission Inn. It's super cute and the shops are great and Simple Simon's has the best chicken and pesto sandwich on olive bread ever. It's pretty much the best sandwich period. I didn't take a picture while I was there so these ones are from Yelp!.

The antique store over there is super huge and always has real cute finds (skeleton keys, old-fashioned radios, hats!, retro games, owls). The only problem is the prices are not all too desirable. I really really wanted the navy trimmed boater hat and the radio. I didn't get anything but J got the Beach Boys' Love You album. Good find for $5. Instead of buying things I took secret pictures on my crappy phone since I forgot my camera. So, enjoy!

And then, here's some pictures of me coveting some Madewell items, like the dress from a previous post, and the silk canyon skirt. I need help.

So long, Michael Scott! :(

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hamming it up at work, featuring the new denim. :) Didn't it feel like summer today?

Everything is American Apparel down to the scarf in my hair, and the socks on my feet. Shoes are Swedish Hasbeens.

Also, and this is a big deal to me since I'm something of an Etsy (seller) newb, I am in a few treasury lists! Check 'em out!

Home by Sundries and Plunder

In a Dream by marinatea84

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Today, I did very Easter-y things with Johnny's nieces. Including eating a dyed egg they decorated, hiding the plastic eggs full of candy and loose change, and playing Dance Central. Okay, that last one wasn't Easter-y except for the fact that they were busting moves in their Easter dresses. They are the cutest. We also had a huge feast of ribs, ham, mashed potatoes, beans, asparagus, rolls... I am stuffed (even though I'm eating some Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos-- my obsession of the moment).

And now, a pictorial feast depicting my ever-growing love of Francoise Hardy:

And then my friend, Christine's video tutorial on Hardy-esque makeup:

Thursday, April 21, 2011


This model is super cute. I love her gap-teeth and goofiness. I got the high waist cuff shorts in the light wash, even though I'm a little self conscious about my tush hanging out, I love the fit. The video is super slow logging down below on my blog entry so just click on over to American Apparel to see the video.

Also, I caved and got a tumblr. Follow me, please! [and the jean video is up there as well]. And if anyone knows anything about it, I am not sure how tumblr works. How do I leave comments? And sometimes I can't find the "follow" button. I am such an amateur.

Monday, April 18, 2011


This is going to be a reblog-fest of an entry, in which I post pictures I've found on other people's blogs (except there's one that I'm not sure where it came from, so, sorry if it was from you, unknown blogger).

The Strokes - I'll Try Anything Once [Listen as you read :) ]

I <3 Elle Fanning! Still waiting to watch Somewhere.

From delicate youth

...And Chloe Moretz, and the girl from True Grit. Little indie darlings!

Chateau California by Bruce Weber for Vogue US May 2011 from The Stylist Site.

I want everything from The Loved One collection. Especially the Fuego Set! Modeled here by Hannah (the mastermind herself) and Alexandra Grecco.

From a grecco.

Books and more books. [Short stories are my forte. Aimee Bender, George Saunders, Joy Williams... Also, I am in the midst of writing a longer short story for the writing workshop this quarter. I am getting my M.F.A. (Masters in Fine Arts) in Creative Writing, and most of my pieces are on the short side. A short story is usually around 20-25 pages, and mine are around 16, or even 4 sometimes. I like flash fiction, too. Any ideas for my next story?]

From Vintage Aplomb.

Lastly, I love James Franco (ever since Freaks and Geeks) and his squinty eyes and his M.F.A.-earning, book-writing, genius. I have yet to read his book of stories, Palo Alto. My coworker, Aaliyah, says he looks kind of like my handsome boyfriend, Johnny, and in this picture, I agree. Cats, music, reading/sleeping. Tee hee.

Here he is, muggin' as I took a picture of him watering the plants in our backyard :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

happy record store day!

Hey, all! Here are some of the highlights from the lookbook, with yours truly and my friend (and coworker) Karlee as models. Unfortunately, the dress Karlee is wearing in the first couple pictures is not for sale anymore, because Karlee wanted it :) You can view the rest on my Flickr account, here.

The listings for most of these items aren't up yet, but I'll keep you posted when they are. In the meantime, shop what's left of HoneyBee Vintage's spring inventory! **** NEW STUFF IN THE SHOP AS OF TONIGHT (Saturday)

I love collecting and listening to records, and I've gone to the past 3 Record store days out at Rhino in Claremont. I was too lazy to go to this last night though:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Lookbook preview! The whole thing should be up by this weekend, early. Yay!

Shot by my lovely friend Emma. Here are the links to her work. She's great!
Honey Honey Photography

Saturday, April 9, 2011

photo shoot

I'm not too comfortable being the center of attention, so getting my picture taken is something of an ordeal for me. I think I'll slowly get the hang of it though. Today I had a mini shoot with my friend Emma, who is an amazing photographer. Here's a link to her website, Honey Honey Photography. Check out the post previous to this one to see the new spring additions to the shop.

Anyway, here's a couple of shots featuring a blouse that's up for sale in my shop, HoneyBee Vintage (weird how both of our "businesses" have the word honey in the name. Fate!) :) as well as a floral twist scarf, chiffon single layer skirt, and opaque tights all from American Apparel, and Swedish Hasbeens from ModCloth.

I played around with pretending I had short hair for most of the shoot. It's actually pretty long. I'm flirting with the idea of cutting it again...

More to come once we get the look book done next week. It'll be all cute and outdoorsy fo sho.


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