Monday, April 18, 2011


This is going to be a reblog-fest of an entry, in which I post pictures I've found on other people's blogs (except there's one that I'm not sure where it came from, so, sorry if it was from you, unknown blogger).

The Strokes - I'll Try Anything Once [Listen as you read :) ]

I <3 Elle Fanning! Still waiting to watch Somewhere.

From delicate youth

...And Chloe Moretz, and the girl from True Grit. Little indie darlings!

Chateau California by Bruce Weber for Vogue US May 2011 from The Stylist Site.

I want everything from The Loved One collection. Especially the Fuego Set! Modeled here by Hannah (the mastermind herself) and Alexandra Grecco.

From a grecco.

Books and more books. [Short stories are my forte. Aimee Bender, George Saunders, Joy Williams... Also, I am in the midst of writing a longer short story for the writing workshop this quarter. I am getting my M.F.A. (Masters in Fine Arts) in Creative Writing, and most of my pieces are on the short side. A short story is usually around 20-25 pages, and mine are around 16, or even 4 sometimes. I like flash fiction, too. Any ideas for my next story?]

From Vintage Aplomb.

Lastly, I love James Franco (ever since Freaks and Geeks) and his squinty eyes and his M.F.A.-earning, book-writing, genius. I have yet to read his book of stories, Palo Alto. My coworker, Aaliyah, says he looks kind of like my handsome boyfriend, Johnny, and in this picture, I agree. Cats, music, reading/sleeping. Tee hee.

Here he is, muggin' as I took a picture of him watering the plants in our backyard :)


  1. Gorgeous images!

    Zoe x

  2. Hi there!!!!!!!!
    i have a CHANEL giveaway at my blog...

  3. I love James Franco! He stole my heart in Freaks and Geeks! <3

  4. omg. your boyfriend + james franco look very much alike :) lucky you!! & i love chloe + elle!

  5. Elle is just adorable! And can't get over how awesome Hailee was in True Grit. Great post

  6. Great photos, and James Franco is just so delicious :)

  7. That song by The Strokes is one of my favorites ever by them, I was sold when I heard it in the Somewhere trailer, I still need to watch it as well!

  8. hey lady! I'm headed off to Europe in less than two weeks so if we don't hangout before then definitely after. Secondly, sure--i'll post up a photo from the lookbook in my next post (very cute stuff) and lastly, Somewhere was the worst movie I have ever seen. I left the theater so angry that I paid money to see it!

  9. All of those images are great!
    Maybe your next story could be set in the dark, twisted world of blogging, lol.

  10. fantastic!!!!*_*

  11. I can't believe he is in Freaks and Geek! I watched that show and I've never even noticed him!
    I'm going to google this. Sweet post, what a fine man he is. x

  12. Maybe I should have looked it up first before commenting. I never noticed him because I was thinking of the different show. but wow, freak and geeks looks awesome. What a great cast they've got!

  13. aahh my goodness.. elle fanning! she grows up so quickly.. I can still remember her first movie! I saw the whole backstage thing.. how cool is this.



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