Thursday, April 28, 2011

ding dang

Today I had class canceled since my amazing professor, Kevin, had a reading to do up north-- for some reason it still felt like playing hooky even though I didn't actually have class. So, Johnny and I went to Riverside to eat at Simple Simon's, thrift, and record shop. I love that whole area of Riverside, especially the Mission Inn. It's super cute and the shops are great and Simple Simon's has the best chicken and pesto sandwich on olive bread ever. It's pretty much the best sandwich period. I didn't take a picture while I was there so these ones are from Yelp!.

The antique store over there is super huge and always has real cute finds (skeleton keys, old-fashioned radios, hats!, retro games, owls). The only problem is the prices are not all too desirable. I really really wanted the navy trimmed boater hat and the radio. I didn't get anything but J got the Beach Boys' Love You album. Good find for $5. Instead of buying things I took secret pictures on my crappy phone since I forgot my camera. So, enjoy!

And then, here's some pictures of me coveting some Madewell items, like the dress from a previous post, and the silk canyon skirt. I need help.

So long, Michael Scott! :(


  1. Your cellphone pictures turned out good!

    Btw, that room was in Costa Rica @ Finca Bellavista. Look at it! It's a treehouse community!!! I want a treehouse :/

  2. That food looks so good! Now I'm hungry!! And what a great looking antique store. Those old lockets look very cool!

    I think it's so sad there is no more Michael Scott :( The end of the episode made me cry.

  3. that woven judy, the hats and that dress! hey at least you took photos, even if they were just phone pictures :D :D
    technology is a great thing! XD

  4. oh I love amazing professors! this is a great post, such lovely food picks and photos!


  5. I love how you spent your day :) The food looks sooo good!

    I'm giving away a leopard print kimono cardi on my blog by the way if you're interested!

  6. Looks like such a nice day! That shop looks amazing :) xx

  7. Look how beautiful and lovely the skirt is. I can see it looking amazing on you. What a fantastic day you've had. :) x

  8. WOW,lovely shots!!!Thanks for sharing!

  9. looks like you had a really relaxing day :) x

  10. Looks like a nice day!
    I love all the hats in the pictures and your yummy food!
    Also that Madewell dress = <3 !

  11. I'm LOVING that dress.
    and the sandwich too!

    great finds :)

  12. I love those hats... and I would buy that dress in a heartbeat! It definitely wasn't at Madewell when I went...



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