Saturday, April 9, 2011

photo shoot

I'm not too comfortable being the center of attention, so getting my picture taken is something of an ordeal for me. I think I'll slowly get the hang of it though. Today I had a mini shoot with my friend Emma, who is an amazing photographer. Here's a link to her website, Honey Honey Photography. Check out the post previous to this one to see the new spring additions to the shop.

Anyway, here's a couple of shots featuring a blouse that's up for sale in my shop, HoneyBee Vintage (weird how both of our "businesses" have the word honey in the name. Fate!) :) as well as a floral twist scarf, chiffon single layer skirt, and opaque tights all from American Apparel, and Swedish Hasbeens from ModCloth.

I played around with pretending I had short hair for most of the shoot. It's actually pretty long. I'm flirting with the idea of cutting it again...

More to come once we get the look book done next week. It'll be all cute and outdoorsy fo sho.


  1. Super cute! And all the ones in the post previous to this one.

  2. So cuteee! I love that skirt!

  3. Great shots!!!You look amazing!

  4. This is stunning- The entire outfit is shockingly beautiful. And you, you are as pretty as the outfit. X love

    sugar plum kisses~
    amy x

  5. You bought the hasbeens?! I'm jealous!

  6. This outfit is stunning. I love the see through skirt and those clogs! So beautiful.

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  7. i have the same clogs, are so confortable!
    love the colgs long skirt combo!

  8. PS:don't be shy, your outfit is pretty awesome!start to follow you:-)

  9. you look so darling. cant wait to see more of the shoot.

    Helen, X

  10. amazingggggg skirt ,love the whole outfit!

  11. I'm sort of obsessed with long, sheer skirts right now, too, with one exception:

    (I love the outfit. But, come on Beyonce. Really? With the posing.)



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