Thursday, April 21, 2011


This model is super cute. I love her gap-teeth and goofiness. I got the high waist cuff shorts in the light wash, even though I'm a little self conscious about my tush hanging out, I love the fit. The video is super slow logging down below on my blog entry so just click on over to American Apparel to see the video.

Also, I caved and got a tumblr. Follow me, please! [and the jean video is up there as well]. And if anyone knows anything about it, I am not sure how tumblr works. How do I leave comments? And sometimes I can't find the "follow" button. I am such an amateur.


  1. Followed! I have one.. but I barely post (kmervelous).

    And I think I forgot to answer.. the kid is my cousin's daughter.

  2. I have a tumblr too! Sort of a tumblr addict :) lol. You can either like/reblog a post and/or leave a comment in their ask box (if they have one)

    Following your Tumblr :) Follow mine too!!

  3. Those are a little to mom-jeany for me...haha...but yes she's very cute :)

  4. haha yeah, my boyfriend said the same thing! :)

  5. She is really cute. I gave up with Tumblr - never learnt how it worked & got impatient haha xoxo

  6. She is really cute... I wish my legs were thin enough to look good in jeans like she does... ; D

  7. i know AA gets a lot of shit for their advertising, but i like that all of their models look like REAL people and are different shapes/sizes. i can def. appreciate that!

  8. she really looks goofy but so cute!
    love it!



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