Monday, March 22, 2010

and i'm running away, it makes me feel better

Brand New Shoes

I had some brand new shoes
They were all red, but they gave me the blues
And they’re running away, they left me
a letter
It’s just like you told me it’d be
It’s nothing, nothing, nothing
Nothing at all
We are all made of air
There’s stars in my eyes and there’s sun in my hair
And I’m running away, it makes me feel better

When it comes down to this
I’m neither sorry, nor cross, nor I’m fit
And I’m running away, there’s smoke on
my sweater If you can’t sleep, I’ll be there in your dreams
I’ll be there in your dreams
If you can’t sleep at all
And in your dreams, I’ll touch your cheek
And lay my head on your shoulder
Goodbye shadows
Goodbye shadows

If you’re far away, if you can’t see my face
If the work is cold, but the sun shines
the same
Shut your eyes, there are bluer skies
For you’re embraced in my heart

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