Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what would i want? sky

The time change is, like most everything, a good and bad thing. (It's chased away that winter gloom that I have to say is probably most at fault for driving everyone mad and/or sad these past few months, just like Kenneth said on 30 Rock. Not to say I don't enjoy the gloom). It stays light later in the day now and the weather is golden warm and breezy and sun-dappled. It's the kind of weather where you can take naps outside and picnic on the lawn at the Getty with french pastries and go bike riding and take walks holding hands or go driving in the car listening to Animal Collective, or the scratchy pop and crackle of vinyl records while you lay in bed with the blinds up, and you can forget that you had anything to worry about. Everyone is so excited about it, and I want to join them.

I almost feel like I can, it's just barely slipping through the cracks between my cupped palms, the sunlight and the joy of it. I'm on the verge of it while driving with my windows down on the 210 freeway, or in the excitement of walking out of my night class at 7 o'clock with the sun still out. And then I remember that I don't have a hand to hold while going on walks, or someone to lay next to in bed and talk about how songs by Hank Williams or Otis Redding sound best with the scratchy pop and crackle you get with vinyl records. And it's hard to see the point of some things--most things-- without someone to share them with. But I'll deal. I have to. (I've never been such a drama queen.)

I know I said I would do the playlist on Tuesdays, and I will. Later in the day for sure. It'll be sun-dappled/golden themed in honor of the weather. How about you give me some ideas for songs for the playlist? I think it'll be called Twitterpated (because I guess that's what's supposed to happen in the Spring).

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