Thursday, March 18, 2010

go outside

Number 1 on this playlist would have been "Go Outside" by Cults, but even though it's streaming through lala on Pitckfork, it's not searchable on the lala website. Of course. Oh well. At long last, this week's playlist. It is in keeping with the golden sunshine-yness of late; except for "Let It Fall" by Lykke Li, but she likes crying so I guess it's happy in context. "Little Bird" isn't very happy either, but birds are spring-y right? I'm bummed that I've been feeling kind of crappy the past couple days too, because it's really casting a shadow on the cloudless skies. More bad news is that both Texas and Arizona sent in rejection letters, and Portland sent me a waitlisted acceptance. Waitlisted like my life. But no more of that. On to the happy feel-good music!

And now back to writing my paper on Episode IV: A New Hope. Then tomorrow, Disneyland with this little girl's newly cropped do.

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