Friday, March 19, 2010

you're the nicest person i've ever met... ri-di-di-da-doo

edit: okay my loverlies, i made it so anyone can comment without registering :).

The last 10 seconds of last night's episode of The Office were just darling. Andy's real cute.

Also, baby Buster on Community!

. . .

Watch this with me, please? It comes out on the 26th. Spring Break?

I wouldn't trade one stupid decision
For another five years of lies


  1. You don't work on Fridays, right?? I don't have a final, but I have a dr. appt in SB at 3. :D

  2. If by next week, you mean this coming friday of finals week.... then yes! if you want to watch it with me that is :D I don't know how long the appt is going to last though. I also don't know exactly where it is other than SB. I think it's near Loma Linda?? idk



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