Wednesday, March 10, 2010

in your favorite sweater, with an old love letter

I have always always wanted a brown leather backpack briefcase, but I could never find one anywhere. This one from Amazon is way too expensive, but apparently it's supposed to be so amazingly durable that it'll outlast you, and possibly your grandchildren. It costs about two-thirds of my paycheck these days, though, what with school cutting into my availability. But wouldn't my macbook and paperbacks look oh so cozy in there?

Been listening to a lot of Dylan lately. Reminds me of someone here :)

I've decided to make little playlists on here once a week, for the musical edification of you, the two or three readers who make up my public. I'm thinking it'll be every Monday or Tuesday, but this week it'll be today! Aren't you lucky? The theme ended up being folk/alt country/blues because I am blue.

I wish you'd make up my bed
So I could make up my mind
Try it for sleeping instead
Maybe you'll rest sometime
I wish I could

Happy Wednesday!

("I'd Have You Anytime" by George Harrison wasn't available to put on a playlist on lala. Boo hoo.)

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