Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Life is one fool thing after another whereas love is two fool things after each other.”

Here is my hip little prepster halfie chid I've been hiding from the world. But who would want to hide someone so cute and adorable? (Nat says she's a mini me). lovelovelove.

April Fools! (I only wish she were my child).

Another little idiot::

. . . . .

Sometimes it'd kind of be nice to have the insensitivity of Facebook. My friend, Nolan, wanted to play an April Fools joke and be engaged on Facebook. So he tried to send the approval to me, but was like, "It says you're in a relationship!"; something I didn't change because I didn't think to. And so I said I would remove that-- finally-- and when I went to edit my status, the link I had to click read: Cancel Relationship. Blurg. So I thought about it, somehow irrationally holding on to this final vestige of something that doesn't exist, and then I clicked on it, and it turned into "Don't Cancel Relationship" in case I was having second thoughts. So I guess it is kind of sensitive. In any case, I'm engaged.


Your weekly playlist. I don't need to tell you the theme. Call it "Little Idiot" :)
(I apologize in advance for the lame Cardigans cover, but I couldn't add the real version. Stupid Cardigans. Also, two of the songs only have "fool" in the lyrics. Suck it.)

A poet once said, "Only a fool laughs when nothing's funny"--Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Happy April!

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  1. That video, single ladies...the dad was our worship leader and pastor at Sandals church about two years ago before they left for the south. hehehe.



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