Sunday, April 18, 2010

yo la tengo + yo gabba gabba :)

I might just be the only one with a crush on Jason Sudeikis. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that he's the Jim Halpert of SNL. I guess I have a type (sometimes).

Record Store Day was kind of a bust this year because I really really wanted to see Yo La Tengo perform up close and personal (I'd seen them in SF last year, but at the Treasure Island Music Festival). I didn't make it in time because my coworker flaked out on me, very rudely only hours before :( I got to Rhino Records in Claremont in time to see them right after the performance though. They stuck around to sign albums and talk to the fans. So that's something. There was a really sweet lady I helped to pick out her first Yo La album, too. I was only a little bitter she got to see them play. Also I got two Prince records on the cheap. And this lithograph. Pretty good weekend all in all.

Oh, oh, so I know I am notorious for saying I hate the wind, but there's something to be said in its defense. Well, one word to be said, at least: KITES! I like me some kite action. Yesterday, we flew kites but the wind deserted us before we could take advantage of it. We got pretty winded-- pun!-- running up and down and around, before any real kiting could commence. I shoulda taken some pictures of the Yo Gabba Gabba kite. <3 I can't wait for next time, though. Kites and record-listening and, hopefully, bikes and picnics! Springtime, yah!

I love old antique-y mirrors, and I love that the thing reflected in this one set off by pretty antique-y wallpaper is a big stack of books!

Something I have been waiting for, cannot wait much longer for. . . Alexa Chung for Madewell. Alexa is great. I used to work for J.Crew and so I had a pretty sweet little discount that applied at Madewell as well. Gone are those days, though.

Yes, please.

I mostly want the bike in this one.

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  1. hahaha... I stayed home doing homework all day and I struggled trying to stop myself from posting everything about country I thought of. I love the dress..

    So I baked cookies yesterday thinking I would have some to bring to school again, and my family finished them. True story. I think it was the 2 sticks of butter that got them hooked. They inadvertently saved your life!



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