Friday, April 2, 2010

come with me to the sea

(Laura Marling has a new album out, "I Speak Because I Can"! It's good. :) Thanks, Christian, for introducing her to me. He gave me her first cd for my birthday two years ago.)

It's tough for me to let go when I can't remember something. I have to have to have to figure it out. Turns out I never really knew the name of the musician who originally sang the song "Sea of Love" due to the fact that the name of most 50s R&B singers escapes me, and the fact that there are so many covers of the song. In any event, it's Phil Phillips (parents with a sense of humor, or no sense).

It's hard to find a non-cheesy shot of the beach, so here you go. The only unconventional one I could find.

And here are some notable covers. Cat Power's ethereal one, and Tom Waits' gravelly one.

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