Tuesday, April 13, 2010

who's gonna love you buried underground?

So here you have it; lately I've been listening to female artists--which is rare for me, so this playlist is a girl-powered one, but definitely not in a Spice Girl (grrrl-power) sort of way. In a cute sweet wallflowerish sort of way, for the most part (with the exception of Karen O). In a me way. Please give more suggestions for girl musicians; I'm pretty limited at the moment.

Chan Marshall

The third song on the list is cute, and I love Cat Power. Not really sure who the other girl is. I also wanted to put "Running Up that Hill" and something Joanna Newsom--most likely "Good Intentions Paving Company"--but lala didn't let me. Jerk. Oh, and J, Priscilla Ahn is the one I thought Erin reminded me of. If you look her up on lala it just reaffirms my comparison (I learned how to play "Dream" and "Wallflower" years ago. I don't really listen to her much these days though). :)

In other non-music-related news, I cannot wait for the Aimee Bender reading at school next month. Click on her name to go to her website. It's pretty neat and has some of her stories on there for you to read. I need to have her sign my copy of Willful Creatures!

Priscilla Ahn

Jenny Lewis


Binki Shapiro from Little Joy

And this Pixies cover by Emmy the Great was on top of the list of girl music I've been listening to lately, but alas, not to be found on lala.

Emmy the Great

And ending with something non-girly, but very much lovely and wonderful.


  1. I didn't even realize until I tried to google good recent pictures of chuck that he looked so different before. He looks straight now!

  2. sweet mix. i think karen elson is jack white's lil lady. Have you heard the orignal by serge gainsbourg? Erin did steal that girl's act. haha. i've never heard of emmy before. i really like her cover. i'll make you a mix female artists. hazaah


  3. merv - chuck bass is a stud now :)
    jen - anytime! and i shall write you as soon as i get your postcard <3
    j - priscilla ahn even has one of those b.dylan harmonica thingies too, like erin. :) yay! i want lots of music please. all kinds. i haven't heard the original; i'm sure it's wondrous.

  4. Awesome playlist I must say :)



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