Tuesday, April 20, 2010

. . .to prove we can all get along the lumpy, bumpy, long and dusty road.

I absolutely adore Audrey Tautou and I think she's darling in Amelie. It's actually pretty surprising that I don't own the dvd. I usually steal my sister's copy and don't return it for months and months until she complains repeatedly. In any case, this video is the theme "Comptine d´un Autre été: l´Après Midi". It's beautiful. And the video has all the great little clips from the movie that I love, especially her digging her hand into the beans. That's my favorite scene from the clips in this particular video because I would always do that, ever since I was little going to the supermarket with my mom, and even now.

Don't you think this would make a great song to walk down the aisle to?

So I started off with the not-so-brilliant idea of making a playlist of amazing songs/themes/scores from movies I love. Not brilliant because it's such a broad theme for a playlist. Do I only want instrumental themes? Great rock/indie songs? Performances in movies? It's too much. Maybe I should have made a series of them because I certainly couldn't fit all of them into one playlist. And I certainly wasn't going to take the time to make three separate ones. Maybe another time. Also, I had a hard time not picking songs from Wes Anderson films or ones scored/written by Jon Brion. Either way, here is a mishmashed jumbled playlist with no order to it because it's making me get cranky. Below it is the track info (what movie it's from, etc.). edit: I added "Wake Up" from the Where the Wild Things Are trailer and "If You Rescue Me" from Science of Sleep, so they're not included in the picture of the tracklisting.

As always, gimme recommendations to other soundtrack songs. There were plenty I didn't include that I wanted to due to lala's selectivity and other outside factors. The songs in Youtube form rather than included in the playlist are done that way because I couldn't find them and/or they had pretty videos to accompany them. :)

The awkward flirty looks are precious. (They're in a cramped tiny listening booth in a record store, for those who haven't seen the movie). This movie and Before Sunset are the reason I am not ashamed of my past love for greasy Ethan Hawke. Especially that cute little fake telephone call scene in the restaurant. Also makes me in love with Julie Delpy.


  1. neat idea. a few off the top of my head: "if you rescue me" - from science of sleep, "he needs me" from punch drunk love, "moon river," and the hey jude instrumental from royal tenenbaums. oh, and the whole soundtrack from harold and maude ;)


  2. i tried to find the punch drunk love one, but it wasn't on lala, and then i had too many videos. and i love love love the "after hours" gael-in-a-kitten-costume redux from science of sleep!!

  3. i love love rescue me :D Loved this post really.

    And in response.. How did you NOT see me in the bookstore?? I think I was there 3 times today.

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  5. It was out Friday! Did you get anything good?



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