Sunday, April 25, 2010

i want to go to there

I'm loving the whole preppy resurgence for Spring/Summer. It's definitely true that fashion is cyclical. Things just get recycled and reinvented. Urban Outfitters has their current concept of "New Prep" which I think is a great mixing of vintage(esque) and preppy. Right up my alley. My favorite stores are JCrew (where I worked for longer than I care to say) and Anthropologie, both of which have always had a preppy vintage vibe, so I'm glad to see that aesthetic more accessible, possibly cheaper. Even American Apparel, my current place of employ, has been pushing the preppy look (calling it the New Standards), and I think the way they're going about it is super smart. The thing with bringing back old styles is that they have to be reinvented, and AA owner, Dov, is a smart man who knows all about reinvention. What makes an old style new and fresh is to pair it up with things that contrast with it, and boy, does the rest of American Apparel's inventory clash with the concept of preppy. But it works.

Also, I'd like to take pictures of myself in my cute outfits I have-- like all you other fashion bloggers do-- but I would feel silly and lame because I am not cute like you all (only my clothes are cute) and I don't have someone to take my pictures for me like you guys do. And I would feel mighty silly even if I did.

As far as what I'm hoping to add to my ever-growing collection right now, I'm big into brogues, stripes (which I already have a lot of), dresses (floral, denim, chambray-- I likes it all) and AND, the big one that I'm on the hunt for, is some slouchy tailored/tapered pants that I can roll up to the ankle. Click on this link to see a new pant from AA that I think is super cute, and another one here. It doesn't look good on the model at all but I tried it on at work and I heart them. And then, not necessarily denim, but along the lines of these pants here.

Yis, please.

I'm also still on the lookout for the perfect bike. I think I need to stop being so picky and particular and go for something practical. (How's that for alliteration?) This bike is cute and simple but hard to find on the cheap in the US. Darn you Europeans and your stylish everything. The girl in this picture, so lucky. Even her dress is adorable. (This is an oldschool shot from The Sartorialist. lovelovelove.)

I'm working on a new playlist for you all this week. It's gonna be a good'un. Here's a preview (and a hint as to the theme of the playlist, if you want to guess-- the original artist is not Sparklehorse):


  1. well, it's either a playlist of covers or a playlist of daniel johnston covers. either way, it should be good.

    i was just thinking about all the modeling that goes on on these fashion blogs. at first i was put off by it, but now i'm coming around to liking the idea. i really like seeing "normal" people doing the modeling. plus, it must make the bloggers feel so good. i imagine it's their dream to be fashion models, and they can live out that dream on their blogs. kudos to them. it might seem a lil silly, but not as silly as you thinking youre not cute. pssh


  2. Agree^ on the whole.. you're silly for thinking that.

    In any case, I do silly things to maximize feeling awkward for putting my camera on a tripod to take pictures of myself.

    And! I'm soooo happy AA has that lace pullover I asked you about before. Where it can be in the front or the back. I'm debating if I should get it even though it's getting super hot.

  3. And and!! How horrible that I get to see my Moffett outside of school, but it's going to be at his girlfriend's house??



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