Friday, August 5, 2011


My obsession lately and for a long time has been terrariums. And about two weeks ago I was at the Anthropologie across the way from my American Apparel store where I work and they had this amazing old museum curio display the size of a giant china cabinet with an actual terrarium. Priced $24,000. It was massive and beautiful and I want it, but J and I will probably try and make a display case and terrarium once we are real adults with our own house.

In the meantime, I am planning on making an apothecary bottle terrarium necklace. They had some at Anthro too, pictured below, but they were $128!

I did find some cute ones on Etsy by mydogandi for $16-17. Much much better.

But I'll probably try and make one, along with some hanging ones as well. Like the one pictured down further.


  1. whoa :) i always thought they were neat but now i'm like ohhhhh!! lol

  2. whyyyy did you use the picture where my fingers look weird!!!! heee the etsy ones are cute! i like

  3. These are really amazing! Now I want to get one haha

  4. Ohh, I have never seen like this.

    Well I have seen all that bottle with sth in it., but never with "nature". :)

    I like it :)

    You have really nice blog. I will come here from time to time. :)

  5. oh my gosh these are heaps cool! i've never seen anything like this. Let us know if your DIY's come out well! Great blog here.

  6. I'm so in love with terrariums too, they are so dang cool! xo

  7. woah! these are amazing! hope you post a diy :)
    hope you win! love the heart tank top!

  8. I love terraniums, I wish my hands were steady enough to make my own :)

    -Laura x

  9. I want to learn how to make one so bad!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  10. I agree! They are SO cool!!!
    (and yes, Matt is quite a hottie now)

  11. I LOVE terraniums! I want one so badly. Whenever I get my own apartment, I am so having tons of them.




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