Tuesday, August 30, 2011

manatee friend

I know I've been on Madewell overload lately but you guys are just going to have to deal with me! :) It'll be over after September once I go to the Alexa Chung Madewell event and get it all out of my system by emptying my bank account there. Not to worry, too, I'm in the midst of some good things to post about soon like a DIY, a guest blog, and some more insight into me (like my obsession with books--I AM a fiction writer after all-- postcards, etc.)

Anyway, the very first ever Madewell catalog came for me in my mailbox today. It's beautiful! I love how oversized it is. When you have it opened in front of you it's almost like a newspaper. :) If you guys want, I can do some scans? In the meantime, here are some pictures of me sitting by the pool tonight at J's mom's house, while J did some jumps and kick-flips with his water-skateboard (no, not a surfboard).

I came from work so I'm still wearing head-to-toe American Apparel. I didn't do an outfit shot cause it was getting dark, but you can see I'm wearing the Round Collar Lawn Button Up. Forgive the poor picture quality, I snapped these on my Macbook Pro Photo Booth.

What you can't see is that I'm also wearing the Knit Pencil Skirt. And on the table are the shoes I wore, my faithful fringe loafers. They're on the table because a mischievous frenchie loves chewing on 'em. As a conciliatory gesture for not doing an outfit picture, I present to you my manatee friend, who loves Madewell just as much as I do. :)


  1. Wish I could go to a Madewell event!! But I'm just glad my parents are letting me go to FNO in the bay next week :D Can't wait to see your oh-so darling purchases!!

  2. I wish I could go to the Madewell event! I'm so jealous. And I loooove your hair.

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  3. love the fringe loafers, the madwell event sounds so much fun! :D xxx


  4. You rock that fringe like nobody's business. I love Madewell so I totally see the obsession.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    all about golden children

  5. lol, aww super cute =].

    Kimberly, FWB

  6. love your loafers and i'm a fan of madewell too. your gonna have a blast at the event...

  7. Hahahhahaha your manatee is amazing. I love it. Also, I literally circled everything in the madewell catalogue as soon as it arrived!

  8. The Madewell event will be so fun!


  9. hahaha love the manatee! I wish we got madewell and jcrew here....Australia's really missing out! :(

  10. Ooh I love the manatee! You look lovely in that colour and the loafers are really nice too.

  11. love american apparel :D


  12. AH YOU ARE SO CUTE. You look amazing. I loooove your bangs. They are seriously perfect. Like, you make me want to consider getting bangs. Legitttt.


  13. I like your hair! =)


  14. Wish I could go to a Madewell event! Wahhh

  15. eep I LOVE madewell! wearing their high riser jeans right now :) hope the event is super fun!


  16. Is there such a thing as too much Madewell??? x

  17. great post and love the cute top!



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