Monday, August 1, 2011

happy august!

I go to the OC Fair every year (since I moved to Orange County in 2000 and even now that I don't live there anymore) if I can help it, even though I'm sort of averse to the smoke and the crowds and the screaming, but I can't get enough of that nostalgia that comes with these sorts of things. It's weird because I never really went to the circus or the fair when I was younger, but some things just trigger that childhood feeling in me, like Pop Rocks and diving boards and chocolate milk.

Anyway, I mostly go for the food, which is perfect this year because the theme of the fair was "Let's Eat". Sort of a sad tagline to the American lifestyle, but I'm guilty of contributing to that big-time. I have the worst eating habits that I'm at the moment working on dispelling. Any suggestions on some good healthy eats, by the way? Either dine-in or make-at-home options are well appreciated.

We went this past Friday, and I loved a lot of the indoor exhibits at the fair which in past years were usually just lame photo galleries and homemade quilts (I actually love the crafts). But this year, with the theme and all, they had this super fantastic healthy eating/grow-your-own-food/self-sustaining concept in one of the halls called Live Eat Grow, and it was sooo cute and inspiring. I took a lot of shots in that one. We also went to an ice museum and an insect exhibit for the kids, so it wasn't just the normal garden variety carnival schmaltz. My favorite was this old-timey two-man circus act with an old man and this other guy who kept introducing themselves as other members of the circus and had the cutest, sometimes puzzling and death-defying circus acts, like shooting a bird from a tiny cannon to balancing on a tall stack of wobbly chairs. So great! For another OC Fair experience, check out my friend's blog, MILK TEETHS here.

I still get pretty self-conscious about taking outfit shots-- or any shots of me in public-- so I mostly took pictures of J and his family, and of the surroundings, AND of food (turkey legs, chili fries, MINI DONUTS with powdered sugar!). :) But I DID manage to take a photobooth picture with J, which I always try to do. The set on the left was taken last Friday. The right was from July 2009 :)

thrifted denim 3/4 sleeve little girl's jacket
thrifted button-up floral top that I lopped off a dress
paperbag shorts from UO
hat from H&M (it's my summer staple right now)

Plants growing in a tabletop! There was also a piano planter.

Mmmmmm mini donuts


  1. Weee so much fun!!!
    and I'm not sure, you can email her a request to see if she's taking commissions :)

  2. i went to the oc fair one year when i was in california! it was so fun! and cute photobooth :) of course i comment back, its so unfair when bloggers dont ever visit your blog but you visit theirs all the time :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. happy happy August to you too! Those photobooth pictures are so adorable!! Cute blog Xo

  4. aww! the pics are adorable :D also, i totally understand what you mean about taking outfit pics in public! it's weird but i try and not think about the peeps staring. also, none of my friends understand how to take 'outfit shots' which does kind of suck, but eh! lol

  5. That giant spider is so scary! I would hate to see that in person!

    I love your blog dear. I just followed, and I'm your 100th follower! Congrats to the both of us!


  6. Looks like too much fun, I would love some of those doughnuts!

  7. Cute photobooth pics of you two. The fair always brings out my worst eating habits as well but who can really resist caramel apples, funnel cakes, corn dogs, and big glasses of lemonade??

    --come check out my giveaway!!



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