Sunday, June 27, 2010

s&m and bible study

Today on this fine Sunday I tried to do something fun, since I had the rare day off from work. I'd been looking forward to the Riverside To-Do at Fairmount Park and the promise of different interesting little workshops like baking, bicycle maintenance, composting, crafting, live music, etc. But when we got there, it ended up being a few sad tents and a dj along with a small scattering of people.

My friend/photographer really wanted to attend the bike workshop and I was all about the baking and crafting, but alas, we had to improvise and instead went swinging at the playground and then took a paddle boat for a spin around the lake in the middle of the park, which turned out to be fun aside from being super hot out on the lake! It seemed really tiny at first-- or I was expecting it to be, but it ended up being pretty big; and from the pictures, it seemed very Jurassic Park-ish. :) Also, there were some cute birds and friendly people out.

All in all, it turned out to be quite fun in the end!

I Know Where the Summer Goes - Belle & Sebastian

I also got to make use of my new favorite dress from Reformed. I love the sleeves, and the cutout in the back (you can kind of see the back in the second to last picture), and the pleated detailing on the skirt, and the neckline. Pretty much everything about it! It was really sunny and my eyes are very sensitive to the light, so that's why I've got my sunglasses on. They're just some cheapies from Forever 21. Anthropologie headband. Black shoes from Kimchi & Blue. (I also have the creme ones).

If You're Feeling Sinister - Belle & Sebastian


  1. love love loooove the dress!

  2. Cool style ! really fresh :) I'd love to shoot girls like you !

    Hari from France,

  3. adorable, my love. xx alexandra

  4. I love this dress! I tried it on, but my blubber just stuck out in the back :( It looks great on you! Lucky!

  5. oh gosh this is so cute. x



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