Thursday, June 10, 2010

sick, sad world//this american life

Ummm, just when I wanted to stop buying things? The complete animated series of Daria just came out on dvd a month ago. I can haz, please? Happy graduation to me, please? Hint hint please?

Thanks. <3s lalalala. . . eep!

Tom: (about Daria's short story) Why don't you submit it to them?
Daria: The rejection, indignation, and lasting humiliation?
Tom: How about the success? Stardom? And eventual alcoholism?
Daria: I actually did think of submitting it somewhere, but it feels too. . . too much like trying.
Tom: I'll never tell you displayed motivation.

One of my few (cartoon) crushes. Yeah, I am a 90s teenybopper.

Also, featured this week on This American Life, "Recordings for Someone". Sounds emotional and sentimental. Me likey.



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