Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pacific Review Reading

So, lots to cover in the week and a half since the last post. I was going to do one super-post but it would be way too long and unwieldy and non-cohesive. Instead, I'm going to do multiple posts today! Splendid Wednesday treat for you all!

First off, we had our annual Pacific Review Reading and literary magazine launch on campus. Valerie and I, both fiction editors for the mag, put it all together, and I have to say it went off hitch-free for the most part. We booked a space at the museum on campus but that fell through, so we ended up using a spot in the student union, which was a bit of a letdown but we made it work. Val and I made delicious cupcakes with Sprinkles cupcake mix bought at Williams-Sonoma and made the frosting for each type of cupcake from scratch! Vanilla with vanilla buttercream creme frosting, Chocolate with chocolate buttercream, and red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Man. They took a lot of hard work to make but it was worth it.

The first picture is a shot of our esteemed advisor-- everyone's favorite professor-- the amazing writer, Kevin Moffett. I love this picture because he looks like he's forcibly telling people to buy the lit mag by penalty of mutilation. The second is another one of our editors, Jared, dutifully selling the copies we slaved over producing for the better part of a year, from selecting the pieces all the way down to copy editing. The rest are pictures of some of our contributors reading from their pieces, my friend Tim among them.

Unfortunately I as usual didn't think to take pictures of my beautifully crafted cupcakes until the very end. They were a huge hit, and I was able to capture an image of a partially devoured one for your viewing pleasure. I'll be making them again once I'm feeling rich.

Tomorrow (Thursday), there's going to be another reading for the flipside of our magazine--it's a double issue! The Ghost Town reading will be tomorrow in Riverside if you're interested and in the area. Click on the flyer below for more info. See you there!

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