Thursday, June 24, 2010

ruffling in the sun

There She Goes - Velvet Underground

At American Apparel, the music we play is through a site called Viva Radio, and it's filled with ads that run in the midst of the music. My favorite one (I usually get mildly annoyed at the ads, but I love this particular one) is the one with this guy with a southern sort of twangy accent, talking about "ruffling in the sun" with the petticoat or packing the twist scarf in a lunch. Anyway, that's a boring little sidenote that explains the title of this post, as well as what me and two of my coworkers did on our day off yesterday in Venice Beach. There were so many weird wonderful people there that I wanted to take outfit pictures of but I was shy. (My top is from Anthropologie on sale for $9.95!! I also bought some cute bottoms there for the same price. I'll post those up another time. I lovelovelove finding steals there because it's so very rare).

Afterwards, we went to Guppy Tea House in Cerritos for some shaved ice with strawberries and mangoes, butter coconut brick toast, and popcorn chicken, along with some Thai iced tea. Yum. I hadn't been there in so long and now I want to go back already! (I forgot to take pictures I was so hungry, so these are from yelp, but it's what we ordered anyway). Enjoy!

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  1. My mouth totally salivated. And wow.. $10 is a steal! Good job! haha

    Oh, but re:
    I totally thought of you when I saw the banjo wallet, no lie.
    What's your schedule like? So far I only have school TWTh, no work.



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