Saturday, June 12, 2010

sleep? i'd like that.

I've posted up a transcript more than once-- on my old blogs-- of this clip from "Any Given Thursday", the concert dvd of John Mayer's from years and years ago before he decided to be a media fixture/man whore. Right now I can't sleep (because I watched Paranormal Activity last night and scary movies only really really scare after they've been marinating in my mind and I'm alone in the dark), so I've put the dvd on, since I used to fall asleep to it most nights circa 2003/2004. I still think he's one of the top guitar players of our generation-- this guy's got some major axe-handling skills, you can't deny it. He's got the weird facial/body gestures that are incumbent of real talent to prove it. He's also got a real gift for storytelling/lyrical writing. I met him once in New York at Madison Square Garden at a Cream concert, after the show. It was during his long greasy jazz hair phase, and it was raining (like in his song "Covered in Rain"). Enjoy this little bit of nostalgia for me.

Though the worst part about it is that I would be free when you wanted me, if you wanted me. --"Man on the Side", John Mayer

. . . . .

So I was thinkin' about relationships and about how it pertains to songs about relationships, and uh, I was trying to think.. Well, it occurred to me that the key-- I figured out the key to a relationship and how to make it work. Check it out. This is-- this is a tip from your uncle John, check it out.

When you first meet somebody, you find out they like you.. First of all, a friend of a friend of theirs say he or she really really likes you, and it kills you, floors you, sends you to the ground.. You've got to pick yourself up off the ground. Then you get their phone number and you call them up, right, and you say "Yeah, that's a really great phone conversation, can I see you some time?" And then they say this, they say, "I'd like that." Nothing feels better than, "I'd like that."

So now, your blood pressure's goin', you're six feet off the ground, you can't sleep.. because of "I'd like that." So then you hang out for a while, and you call and you talk on the phone all the time, and then you drop the bomb-- what feels like the bomb-- you say, "You know what, I've been thinkin about you a lot." And she goes, "Ahhhhhhh!" And you go, "What happened?" and she goes, "I'm sorry, I just, I just, I just-- that's... I've been thinking about you too."

Bam. Higher into the sky. But now, "I'd like that"? Tch. Done. Now you're up to "I'm thinkin' about you." Then however number of months pass, it makes you feel comfortable saying it, you say "I gotta tell you something." They go "What?" you go "I'm in love with you." And nothing in the world sounds better than "I'm in love with you." And then maybe she starts crying, or maybe she goes *gasp* And all the sudden you're like I'm in. But now, what doesn't work? "I'd like that" and "I've been thinkin' about you." Now we're at "I'm in love with you." Then maybe some day it'll move up to "I love you."

Fast forward, now you're like, "I love you a lot; I love you more than anything in life." Now "I love you" doesn't work. It's a threshold that keeps movin' up.

Fast forward, like six months, six weeks-- whatever the case may be-- now you're on like, "I want to marry you. I want to impregnate you with my love. I wanna-- I wanna just send my love to you." Damn it, words don't work anymore. And then you say this line, and you know, you KNOW you've used this line before, "I just wish they'd put a new word in the dictionary bigger than love because love just doesn't describe what I feel."

And so now he or she starts askin', "Do you love me?" and you start goin', "Of course I love you." "Well say it." And then it becomes, "Say it twice." And it goes, "Say it three times."

And then, you cross a really interesting point, where all the sudden it becomes, "I hate you, I hate you." And you go, Oh my God, she hates me. And now it's like, "I hate you more than anything." And then it's like "We're over." And then they go, "No, we're not." And you go, "Yes, we are." Now the words completely do not work at all; you're left with nothing. You're throwing punches underwater. You're done.

You know what the moral of that story is, if there is one. Never, ever, ever, ever underestimate the power of "I'd like that."

. . . . .

Also, I've been listening to "Sugar Town" by Nancy Sinatra thanks to the mix that J made me, as well as "Packing Blankets" by the Eels. Go to his blog, Little Idiot, for more musical illumination. Nancy's look is a bit too bombshell for me, but I like her in this chunky oversized sweater number. Plus "Sugar Town" is super cute, not to mention the song "Bang Bang". Underrated, as J says.
She kind of looks like Michelle Williams-- who I've always thought was cute and had a crush on because of her fashion sense and the fact that she can more than pull off short hair-- here (Not Destiny's Child Michelle Williams, but Heath Ledger/Dawson's Creek Michelle Williams, obviously).

Last thing, thanks to Samantha from Fear is a Dirty Word who gave me a sweet-- if glaringly untrue-- compliment in a comment, comparing me in my graduation dress to a modern updated version of Natalie Wood in West Side Story. The ruching at the neckline and 60s feel is quite similar. At the very least, I'm glad someone's reading my insignificant ramblings. :) She obviously knows about my love of musicals. Check out her blog, it's great!


  1. I liked that "I'd like that" story, it made me smile :)
    thank you so much for linking me, and for the comment! I really appreciate it! Also, don't be so modest, that look made me think of Natalie wood the second I saw it. You're gorgeous dear! She & HIm were amazing live. Zooey is so adorable and bouncy and M.Ward was amazing as always.

  2. I liked that story too! It made me think. Haha.

    Would you mind if I copied it and showed it to my friends? Its really meaningful. :D

    Great blog! Definitely following ya!


  3. Plan to go to the next shows at the Getty!
    I hope they're just as good.

  4. Haha thanks for dropping by too :D

    Looking forward to your next post!

    Lots of love,



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