Sunday, May 9, 2010

the long and short of it all.

So my hair is in that middle stage where it's not long or short, but in between. Apparently, this length is supposed to be the "in" length of the moment--or so I've been reading, but it usually makes me want to cut it when it gets to that limbo area just past the shoulders. The dilemma is whether I should cut it, or if I should grow it out. Right now I'm of the persuasion to go for length. What say you? (Just click on the thumbnails for the actual size).

In favor of long::

And, the case for short. I've gotta say, I'm slowly growing more and more fond of the short, even though it makes me look ten years younger. (I already look 17 years old no matter the hair length, anyway). But I do miss my long glorious hair something fierce. So indecisive; like a true Libra ::

And last but not least, to leave you with something sweet and wonderful, and lovely and lively. . . Some new New Pornographers (Neko!!) :)

A mistake on the part of nature,
You're so fabled, so fair, just sit anywhere.
I've pencil-sketched the scene,
It's feeling Byzantine.


  1. I say grow it. It has been short for a while and I am always jealous of people with long hair because I can never get mine that long without becoming frustrated with the scragglyness and chopping it all off. Grow Mel, grow!

  2. Grow it, you'll enjoy it a lot! :)

  3. Grow it! You do the waves so well

    And and..
    Re: LUCKY! I want to be James too... sans the kids
    Re: she's a blogger/designer I came across on lookbook. I actually came across it on bobby's lookbook cuz he was promoting it. The link is on my page.

  4. am I the only person who likes it short?!? I love the whole Alexa Chung movement...but then again, I know how hard it is to grow it if you're up for the battle (band believe me, it is a battle) then go ahead and grow it out. I have recommendations.

    But I'm loving your short hair photographs.

  5. I actually chopped mine off after I graduated from high school last year. Loved it while it lasted, but now I can't seem to wait for it to grow long again!
    You look darling with either style, though I have a preference to long luscious waves. :]

  6. Short hair is really cute but I like you with long hair more.



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