Tuesday, October 12, 2010

special talents

Oh my goodness. I love Michelle Williams. Click here for my little spread on her from posts past. AND and Ryan Gosling; even more so now that I get to hear him play that adorably goofy song on the ukulele! I can't decide which I like better; his charmingly dorky singing voice or her dainty little impromptu dance steps. Can't wait to catch Blue Valentine. Haven't been this excited about a movie in a while. It's been getting some rave reviews at Sundance. Let's go!

p.s. Check the post below for my hundredth post and Etsy news. A couple more treasures have popped up on my Etsy shop, HoneyBee Vintage! The link is on the sidebar. Go go go!

Here are the listings I've gotten around to posting so far :)

Printed Dusty Blue Foliage Blouse size XS-M

High Waist Pleated Alia Shorts size XS-S

Brown Perforated Lace Up Maya Brogues 6M


  1. this movie looks so cute! i think we were separated at birth by the by! Bummed that you dont live in oc anymore but you used to live near triangle square? I love that area, there are so many cute places to eat at and they moved the mothers market over to there--its huge!


  2. I love your outfits here! Sooo cute! I love oxfords :)

  3. I love the shorts and trousers! Lookin' fab. Great blog, lady!



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