Monday, October 4, 2010

flash in the pan, and blog ideas

Hello lovies! It's been a while, and I've been very inconsistent with the structure of my blogging; no music playlists on Tuesdays, no baking entries, no outfit shots. But I promise to be more rigorous in my attempts at organization. Yesterday would have been a golden opportunity to do an outfit post since I wore my darling Tennessee Velvet dress from Madewell to the Belle and Sebastian concert that night. But I was too shy to take pictures at the Palladium in Hollywood with the hordes of people around. I'm actually shy to take my picture when there's no one around. Or ever. Must get over that.

Anyway, the concert was spectacular and Johnny and I danced up a storm towards the end when we worked up the courage, and it was totally and entirely worth it. A flash in the pan(ts). I love Belle & Sebastian, and Stuart Murdoch is so charming and adorable. Great show. Even with so many people and standing-room only general admission it was probably one of my favorite shows of the year. Or ever. :) We had made a foolhardy plan to dress up and make a date night of it, after we realized we should have done that at the fancy-pants Orpheum when we went to see Joanna Newsom play a few months ago. My toes were hurting in my Kimchi & Blue black heels. Sorry there are no full outfit shots, but here are a couple of Johnny and I, and some of the performances.

Belle & Sebastian performing "Lazy Line Painter Jane" w/opener Jenny Lewis on guest vocals. <3

Also, I've been trying to think up ways to spice up the way I do my outfit posts, and I found some inspiration at one of my most favorite of places, Anthropologie. Check out this spread from their website! I'm thinking of doing the whole drawing of the scenery and then just me in my outfit. But I need to enlist someone to do the drawing. J? :)

And finally, to round out the Anthropologie-love, here are a few things I am coveting at the moment. Plus, this model is so cute and makes me want to cut my hair short again. Anthro is my weakness any time of the year, but I think at fall/winter, it is the most uncontrollable. My sister just gave me a $100 gift card there for my birthday, and I just got the 15% birthday discount in the mail (that came in this adorable little pouch thing with my star sign on it), so watch out! Lovelovelove.

The Tyndall coat is just beautiful, and I don't normally like the whole fur thing.

And I think I just may use my gift card on this Brassica dress if it looks cute on me. I'm not sure, because I have a short, wide torso that I hate, but I'll keep you posted. Maybe with another fitting room outfit shot. :)


  1. just look at that anthro coat with the fur collar!! good grief it is amazing!!


  2. girl, no you did NOT! I was at this same concert!!! I was just about to make a post before I decided to see what everyone was up to. Even creepier, I think I totally saw you--well I saw a girl wearing the dress you were wearing and I thought to myself, "she looks so cute!!!"

    andd that pumpkin patch is in Irvine, right by IVC!

    i'm going to follow you right now, always psyched on same county blogging buddies! :)


  3. Ahh! I am very envious of your madewell dress. That one is to die for. Annnd, everything else pictured here is to die for! I really love the anthropologie outfit in the middle of the top row.



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