Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Yarn Owl - Bicycle

I bought a vintage Raleigh bicycle off Craigslist the other day! I've been looking for a Raleigh Superbe circa 1973(ish) for about a year now and it doesn't look like it's happening, but I got a Raleigh Sprite from around the same year for $120! The bike's a little beat up, but she just needs a little lovin' and she'll be good as new. I love the off-white color, but it does need a new coat of paint. I'm hoping to find a brown Brooks saddle seat on the cheap, but we'll see. Also, the brakes need work. She's gonna be a beaut once she's all spruced and tuned. I'm excited!! I'll keep you all updated on the final product.

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  1. thanks for posting our song on your site. we are working on a new record set to come out next year.

    keep in touch




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