Saturday, September 18, 2010

everybody's talkin' at me

So today was a long and eventful day in LA. First, we went to the American Apparel factory store so I could make use of my discount on already discounted merchandise, one of the many perks about working for the company. I ended up just getting a pair of the brick red pleated pants, a really cute playsuit/romper thing (that I will post up an outfit picture of later), and a peter pan collared blouse. Good haul, if you ask me.

Then we went straight to the old abandoned Griffith Park Zoo which was the original LA Zoo before they moved to better accommodations. It was pretty great. The old lion/bear/monkey/bird cages inside the park were fun to climb through and hang around. There are picnic tables there so people there to hang out, eat lunch, take pictures, go on bike rides. There's even a merry-go-round, but it's only open on Saturday and Sunday. Afterwards, we read a little in the park; we're still going through Confederacy of Dunces. Love it. It's hilarious. And insane.

I took the opportunity to showcase my new Madewell dress, so this is an outfit post on the Betty Tea Dress. My belt is from American Apparel, and my shoes are super old Payless sandals that are falling apart, but I love them too much. Sunglasses are from Anthropologie. Sorry about the poor quality; my camera is just a point-and-shoot, even though it's a pretty good one.

Afterwards, we went to go see a documentary about singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson at the Laemmle on Sunset. I didn't know much about him going in so it was really amazing to see what he was all about and the great writing he's done and his amazing amazing voice. A really huge talent. The director and some of the other people involved were there for the screening, along with Nilsson's family. You should all check the documentary out, please.

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  1. Your Alexa Chung dress looks so cute on you! Eeek! I want the Tennessee dress so bad, but everything is so pricey.

    I've been MIA for a while. Let's get together!



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