Saturday, September 11, 2010

I went to the Madewell in Century City for the opening of Alexa Chung's line. I'll post more about it later but this is the dress I didn't end up getting because I didn't have enough money. Plus, it's a lot longer when you're not ten feet tall like the model. =\ Also, it looked more creme than dusty blush colored on the website, but at the store it was much too pink for my liking. I did get some cute things (the Tennessee Velvet Dress and the Betty Tea Dress) and the free limited gift with purchase, so I'll post up a longer entry once I'm home so I can take pictures of the stuff. It was great. I even got stopped by some journalists from UCLA covering a fall fashion story. They took pictures of me and interviewed me. :)

More later, guys!


  1. Oh man, I actually like the length of the dress! I was afraid of ordering it online because it was so short on the model and I thought it might enter into kid's dress territory. But it looks really cute on you!

    (though I'm sure the Tennessee dress is adorable on you too. Also doesn't it just seem more practical? )

  2. thanks! i saw a picture of rachel bilson in the blue betty tea dress (and she looked so cute) and now i'm second guessing my decision to buy the white one.. oh well, too late now.

  3. Hello ma'am. I am at home cramming for the GRE's. That's about it. Where have YOU been? When does the MFA start? MFA?? MMA?? hehe



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