Friday, September 24, 2010

friday thrift day

I am in la-la-love with this little fisherman sweater from a photo on the Sartorialist blog. It's perfect, but it's a boy's crewcuts sweater from J. Crew that's on sale and sold out. Isn't it super cute? I'm hoping I can find something like it at a thrift store in the kids section. Wish me luck!

An uber expensive alternative with be this little number from Alexa Chung's line for $138, but it's not even as cute!

I'm going to spend the day in Claremont today. It's the only honest to goodness college town around; it actually has the highest concentration of colleges in the entire country-- so it's got this cute sort of quaint locale with tree-lined streets and bookshops and record stores and cafes and ice cream parlors and record stores (I go to Rhino Records out there for Record Store Day every year)... and thrift stores! :) I just heard recently from someone that they aren't even allowed to have bars there, so you have to go to the bars in the restaurants (to get around that loophole). I'm not a big drinker so that's kind of ideal. There's only thrift store in particular that always has cute things, and I just got paid today so. . . watch out.

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