Monday, February 15, 2010

think about your troubles

I cry every day, which I guess is helping release the pressure from years and years of emotional constipation. What it isn't helping is that I'm not used to that, plus, I'm pretty sure it isn't normal healthy behavior in the least. It's supposed to get better, right? I don't know if I want it to, because then I think once I'm done, there'll be nothing left.

I'm thinking of going to London for Spring Break, since I don't have anything going on here. Maya's out there and I miss her a lot. (Ah, here I go again. See, missing her wouldn't have been enough to make me cry before, but there you have it). Is it too spontaneous to think of going to Europe in pretty much a month? I don't know how sensible that would be either. Plus, I'd be sad that I wasn't going with Johnny. Not that he would have been able to go.

I feel like doing something rash.

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