Sunday, January 16, 2011

you and me

"So there's a child molester and a little boy walking into the woods. The child molester and the little boy keep walking further and further, and it's getting darker and darker, and they're going deeper and deeper into the woods. The little boy looks up at the child molester and says, 'Gee mister, I'm getting scared!' And the child molester looks down at him and says, 'You think you're scared, kid? I have to walk out of here alone.'" (a joke from the movie)

Yesterday night I went to see Blue Valentine with J and our friends Cindy and John. We drove out to Irvine where it was playing across from my old school UCI. Loved it. Stinkin' good. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams both did a great job. If you're fortunate enough to live in an area that's screening it already, you should take advantage of it and see it. Aside from Ryan Gosling's adorably adorable ukulele version of "You Always Hurt the Ones You Love", there's this cute old song "You and Me" by Penny & the Quarters that's the two main character's song in the movie. Here it is. Super stinkin' cute.

And to give you a idea of how much I haven't changed since, well, high school probably, here's how much I haven't changed in a little less than three years. The first picture is from when the store opened in November of 2008 (my beautiful coworker Karlee was 16 in this picture and I was 26), and the second one is from earlier today at work, in front of the same door (even though it's white now).


  1. I just saw this today! I loved how he sang, "You always hurt the ones you love." I guess it seems real to me... kinda sad, but expected you know?

  2. ahhh I still need to see this! I wasn't sure if that theater was playing it or not! and girl! You were in Irvine and didn't text me?! ;)




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