Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY explosion

So, a lot of the aspects of my wedding were do-it-yourself projects with the help of my amazing friends. The first thing was the succulent book planters. We got the DIY instructions from Green Wedding Shoes, and afterwards they even featured our wedding on the site: California Handmade Wedding: Melissa + Johnny!

I got the old hardcover books from thrift stores and the moss, craft supplies, and succulents from Home Depot and Michael's. Check out the succulent planter DIY here. The place settings were all DIY too. I-- against the rules-- helped set up all the way until I had to get ready an hour before the ceremony.

Below is the seating chart with hand-typed guests' names on kraft hang tags I made, decorated with mint green washi tape. I got the wire frame to hang them on from World Market.

The daisies were strung together by me and my friend Cindy two nights before. We made three or four long strings of them and hung them from the tree in front of my ceremony. You can see a picture of us under them in the post two below this one!


We also made our own little buttons to give out as party favors, along with little bags of tea from Teavana that we assembled ourselves, and put them in little kraft boxes topped with a j + m stamp, or with painted cardboard butterflies that we glued on. The glasses for the reception were mason jars, also little takeaways so our guests had little chalk name tags on their glasses for iced tea at home! My mother- and sisters-in-law helped with that.


We had two separate guestbooks in the form of paper and a typewriter, or this book made out of chalkboard paper. My best friend, Abby, bound it for me and I put out polaroid cameras and film for people to take pictures and write a message.


The photo booth was made by me and all the props were supplied by me too. 



At our engagement party in December, we bottled the wine for our wedding. We even printed out custom labels and put them on the wine ourselves. You can see us, and our guests, put to work at State Street Winery, here.

My baby sister did my makeup since I don't know how. :)

And we wrote our own vows!


It was so much fun planning and creating and everything. I'm such a perfectionist I wouldn't have had it any other way. If you guys want to know more about how I made things, or if you want me to make something for your wedding, or any other questions, just let me know!


  1. All those details are so pretty!
    I love your custom made wine bottle labels!
    I want to get married again and use all the inspiration I get from you ;)

  2. You have so many cool ideas. makes me want to get married all over again. will be trying the succulent book planter soon.

  3. Ooooh!! I love those book planters!! All of this is so fun, I want a wedding like that :)

  4. Everything looks wonderful! I especially love those book planters - succulents are my favorite.


  5. you are wayyy too creative my dear <3

  6. Whoa! I love the plants in a book idea!

    <3 Kelly



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