Wednesday, June 6, 2012

summer travel guide: redlands

Don't forget to check out my blog post on Blooming Leopold for Lauren's Summer Travel Series. Other participants have been Josie from Frances Baker, Hannah Metz from Hannah and Landon (and TheLovedOne), and Rhiannon from Liebemarlene. Thanks for including me, Lauren!

If y'all are looking to do any blog collaborations, let me know! I love the community aspect of blogging. 

Also, I'll be reading from my thesis manuscript (my book of short stories entitled Activities of Daily Living) tomorrow night, and the rest of my week will be devoted to finishing up my thesis. The final submission is Monday! Then grad school is over. 

Wish me luck! 


  1. Read the post Melis, it was beautiful. I've never heard the gem that is Redlands before, but I must, MUST go there someday (soon!). & good luck, good luck (double good luck lol) on your thesis! fingers crossed ;)

  2. Months ago I was looking at pictures on Calivintage, she's always cute but I was mesmerized by the beautiful town she was in, turns out she went back home to redlands to visit family. Since I live in San Diego I immediately wanted to go make a little day trip but it never happened :(
    and I kind of forgot about it. So thank you for this because now I'm so excited about it again and this will be on top of the to do list for this summer!

  3. thanks again for participating in this! can't wait to visit redlands some day.. california road trip needs to happen.



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