Monday, December 27, 2010


So, lots-- and nothing at the same time-- has been happening this December, which is why I haven't posted in a while. I know that doesn't really make sense, but it's true. Since grad school's let out for winter break, all I've really done is work, read Flannery O'Connor biographies, sleep, eat pumpkin everything, drink tons of sweet tea, and re-watch a whole lot of Futurama on Netflix.

It's weird that Christmas is over. It sort of just came and went, no? I did get to decorate J's mom's house and wrap her presents to J's nieces while watching Home Alone, so that was nice and holiday-filled. We also painted her garage door and his sisters' new place. I like to paint, by the by.

Aside from that, I went on a vegas vacation last week, which J and his sisters and cousins do every year. The weather was miserable but I got to wear some coats and scarves and mittens and gloves, so I was happy for the most part. They opened up the hugest H&M out there so we went to peruse for a bit as well. We also ventured to the cutest little bar in Old Town Vegas called the Griffin. It was probably the best part about the trip. I'm not a big Vegas person in the least. Not a big drinker or gambler. I like the buffets and shows though. I still have yet to see Cirque du Soliel's Love. (I'm a Beatles fan, and I like anything to do with dancing; I took ballet, hip hop, and jazz.. Oh and tango!)

So, since it's been so long with an actual outfit/fashion related post... Here's a smorgasbord of pictures for you! Most of them are bad quality, sorry!

At the Griffin. This was the night we drove into Vegas from southern CA, and I'm wearing my broken non-up to date prescription glasses, a striped top from Anthro, and a snood scarf from H&M that I like using as a hood on the rainy streets of Vegas. Leather UO bag.

Shopping. This is my favorite outfit of late, and probably the one I'll wear to the Dressember festivities on Thursday. Too bad it's so blurry. (I like how one of my legs looks bloated from the reflective surface outside Dior. J's giant head is great here, too). It's a work outfit I put together (I work at American Apparel) and now I can't get enough of it. It's the creme silky round collar top, the black tank dress, and bordeaux bamboo tights. The camel wool coat is from Pale pink snood from H&M, lace up ankle boots from Etsy, leather bag from Urban Outfitters three years ago.

AZN-ing out. This is also an American Apparel outfit. We planned to go to a club, but J hates clubs, so we decided to go out and wander and be silly, while his cousins and sister braved Lavo. Lace Chiffon dress in black, basic bodysuit in black, suede skinny belt in bordeaux. Black sheer polka dot ankle socks from J. Crew.

Losing seven dollars at the Wheel of Fortune slots. I dominate at the actual game show, though!

More silly after some Shirley Temples. :)

And then! Day before Christmas, Erin from Calivintage comes into my store. I nerd out and tell my coworkers who she is, and we end up taking pictures with her.

On Christmas Eve we went to J's mom's for a gift exchange and yummy tamales and a talent show that J's brother won. Then Christmas day was spent at his aunt's where we ate a whole lot, played Kinect for the XBox 360 and board games galore. I hope your guys' holidays were wonderful as well!


  1. how fun!! that bar is actually one of the best in vegas! ^,^
    I love the photo in front of the Dior store, hehe

  2. nice to meet you! i was so busy busy trying to get last minute gifts that i wish i had stayed and chatted longer! next time i'm in redlands, i'll give you a shout!

  3. ha so funny you snapped a picture with erin - i would get excited if i saw her too! Vegas looks awesome, I want to go soon. i had my first kiss there strangely and Im from toronto haha

    *im your newest follower!

  4. Ahh Vegas looks like a ton of fun. I don't blame him for hating clubs, besides the streets of Vegas are great for running around.
    I have never had a blogger run in, but I'm sure I'd take pics too!

  5. Wow, Vegas vacay! How cool is that! Glad to know your holidays rocked! :)


  6. I love the second outfit, especially the lace chiffon dress :) x

  7. I must have been in Vegas at the same time as you. It was cold and rainy! So much for escaping the wet NW weather for the holidays!
    It was my first time there and I didn't think I would like it - because I'm not a big drinker or gambler, but I had a blast. It was just fun to walk around and see everything!
    Hope you had fun, too!
    The Auspicious Life



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