Sunday, December 5, 2010

turn the music up, and keep your mouth shut

I had a bust of a night last night, wherein I made J drive us out into the stressful streets of LA, namely Sunset Blvd on a Saturday night at 10pm to go see Jens Lekman at Skybar for free. Too bad he went on at 9. Sadface. So bummed out. So we walked, got propositioned on the street, and then turned home to eat McDonalds for the second time that day and then had a hot restless and uncomfortable sleep.

But, J has assured me that we will catch Jens at some other time in the future (he's already seen him before).

Jens Lekman from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

(edit:: the embed doesn't work but click on the link. it's Jens doing Black Cab all low-fi in a black cab! :) I think I posted it up before and it worked. I'm gonna look through old posts. I'm pretty sure I've done like 100 Jens posts... The Black Cab Sessions is an awesome site, by the by. Other awesome artists like Au Revoir Simone and St. Vincent participated in it)


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  1. Aw! I hate it when stuff like that happens :( I didn't have enough money recently to see who I wanted and was gutted! I guess there is always next time though :D

    Ayesha x



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