Tuesday, December 7, 2010

in Gothenburg we don't have VIP lines

Hey my loves! I'm feeling a lot better now, and you guys get to benefit from it. For the holidays (until the very end of December), I've decided to waive shipping for U.S. Etsy shoppers. For international, you guys get the normal U.S. shipping. :) So get shopping please! HoneyBee Vintage. I'll be adding new stuff once finals week is over.


And, because J is so nice and wonderful and always puts up with me::


I love Kirsten Dunst, even though so many people seem not to like her. Interview with a Vampire, Virgin Suicides, Jumanji (heh)... and she and her wardrobe are the only good things about the movie Elizabethtown (besides Alec Baldwin). She's kind of-- indirectly-- one of my style icons, ever since chrissstttiiine told me we dress alike. :) So here is a video dedicated to her because I love her (she's finally coming back on the scene!) and Jens Lekman... It's not even creepy that he kinda is stalking her in the song, because it's Jens. :) Apparently they actually were in Gothenburg at the same time, so maybe there's some truth to this funny little anecdotal song...
(this is at the show I was at but wasn't at)


  1. hahaha, I hated elizabethtown.

  2. Gahhh I still can't believe we almost crossed paths again! And Yes! I do want to go to that Dressember thing although I'm not 100% sure if I wll be in town on the 30th but I am hoping that I am!

    also, I nominated you for a little award ;)


  3. I love Kirsten Dunst! She is so pretty and I love her style.

  4. Check out this blog sister, it's so cyude!


  5. I do love Kirsten's style, it's just so effortless x



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