Sunday, November 14, 2010

shop stuff and sling shots

The little stinker above is J's mom's french bulldog Elijah Blue. He's just about to sneeze and J was quick enough to catch this funny little guy's funny little face. :)

I added some new items to the shop, HoneyBee Vintage; a dress, shoes, some tops, pants... (True to form, however, I did not have time this week to chronicle my 30 for 30 outfits this first week. I promise next week I will, and that I have been staying true to the deal! You have my word. :) ) There's more that I don't have time to add just yet but check right now and see the cute new stuff. The rest will be up tonight I think. Or tomorrow early.


  1. Those red pants are a dream on you. Also, I haven't forgotten about pen pals! I'm making you a cd....I just need to get some blank disks! :)


  2. Love this outfit.. the red pants rock and thats a really cute top!! I 'm also doing the 30 for 30 and having fun!! cute little doggie too... I'm surprised how many dogs I have seen on these blogs that have little clothes on too!! lol

    cheers, and happy mixing!! Jodi

  3. you're pretty much adorable. and, i love your top. that is all.

  4. Love these pants. These pictures are adorable.

    The Auspicious Life



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