Monday, November 29, 2010

lazy lazy

I know, I know, I haven't done any posts for the 30 for 30, but it's just a super stressful busy time right now, working on three short stories for my first collection, holiday season at work (retail at American Apparel), and being lazy with any free time I do have. I'll try to catch up, but it's more than half over! Just know that I'm keeping the deal and I haven't bought anything new the whole time. I've been sticking to the items on my list, I promise. I'll at least do some highlight outfits for sure, when I get the time.

For now, enjoy this.


  1. Aw! hope you arn't getting TOO worn out! Can't wait to see your posts and make sure you get lots of rest!

    Ayesha x

  2. umm just here to say that we are the same person! i'm going to add you on facebook now



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