Sunday, November 7, 2010

cowboy up

Today we had our 10 year reunion for Cajon High School. Yes, I graduated in 2000. Yes, that makes me 28. Yikes. It was an informal one at the park near my house. Fun times with people I've only so far kept in touch with through facebook. We had a bbq and played silly games, including one where we had to name songs that were popular during our senior year. This has prompted me to make a high school playlist (not consisting of songs that were played at the reunion; i.e. the Thong Song). I won one of the raffle prizes so I got some gift certificates to this awesome Mexican restaurant we used to always go to during lunch in high school and some other cute stuff. Here's a picture of me with the other winners.

Some of our teachers showed up (one of which is married to my classmate, Cara). In this picture are Mr. and Mrs. Syphus (my English teachers) and Mr. Cech (my Theory of Knowledge teacher) in an amazing denim ensemble, along with my classmate Josh on the very left.

And then Clair and me, voted by our friend Josh as the ones who most look the same after ten years.

New vintage dress from the Tailor's Stories on Etsy! Stinkin' cute, but it needs some alterations. I just got it in the mail a few days ago and was really excited about it so I used it today at my reunion. :)

(It's part of my 30 for 30, which I still need to post up. Tomorrow for sure.)


  1. It trips me out that you're 28 when you don't look a day over 21! I suppose that's the way of the asian and I will be reaping the benefits (hopefully) when I get older!

    Also, I'll for sure send you a sliver! What I really like about that shampoo is that it makes my hair feel realllllly clean. Sometimes I feel like shampoo just leaves more gunk in my hair but this shampoo makes my hair shiny and bouncy. It also creates lots and lots of foam which is fun.

    holla at me! my e-mail is


  2. Wow! This is amazing :D I can see why you got the award you look younger (in a good way) I freakin ADORE that dress! Looks soo lovely on you :D

    Ayesha x

  3. You're really pretty! I like your hair too. Is it naturally wavy? I want to see your 30 for 30 outfits :)



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