Saturday, January 28, 2012

out getting ribs

Today, J and I went to book our caterer for our wedding. From the beginning we wanted bbq, then we flirted with the idea of a taco food truck, after which we leaned to the grilled cheese truck, and back to bbq. Needless to say, today we found our caterer, who consisted of this hip little husband and wife team. We went to heir house in LA where they served us up the goods. The baked mac 'n cheese was delish, and the asparagus spears were amazing as well. Ribs and pulled pork sandwiches, here I come. (p.s. "Out Getting Ribs" serves double duty as the title for this entry and a Zoo Kid song. I don't like his new moniker, so I won't use it. You should check him out; I've had my eye (ear?) on him for a while, since my music guru (my lovey, Johnny) told me about him about a year ago. He always knows the good music way ahead of the game).

Also, this is not the outfit I wore to do the tasting. I'll post that tomorrow. This is me two days ago waiting at a donut shop for 4 hours for the locks on my car to be changed because I lost my keys the day before after thrifting for vintage plates to use during the wedding. Ugh. I did get some short story writing done, which is good because the preliminary deadline for my collection of short stories plus my thesis is the end of March, right around my wedding day...


  1. Lovely post!Sounds Yummy!

    Love Patricia

  2. Wonderful photo, I like it!!! This is such a nice post!

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  3. This post makes me so hungry!

    I use a Sony A100, I love it! You can find it for as cheap as $250 on eBay :)

  4. i love the idea of a food truck for a wedding...tacos and/or ribs are the perfect idea! how fun!

  5. How cute and exciting! I love wedding details.



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