Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hey hey! Random non-cohesive post today! Tomorrow I'm going to have my sister model for me for my new Etsy listings. They should be up by Wednesday. I'm excited! You should be too. In the meantime, check out my HoneyBee Vintage SALE!

Also, I've been getting more into nail polishes lately. I'm not big on it, so I'm starting off slowly. I mostly just use clear polish, especially on my fingernails, and would sometimes deviate to black. BUT, I found the prettiest natural shade from Essie. It's called mambo, and it's a nice nude tint with a shade of pink and the tiniest bit of shine. Love it.

Although, we just recently got the Neon collection of American Apparel nail polish at work for the summer season. I usually hate neon, but I love the purple color and the lighter orange.

Lastly, here's a super cute picture of Coco smoochin' on a baby coyote :)


  1. mmm, i've never really been into nail polishes either, but recently i've somehow accumulated loads so i've been trying to use them! i like the purple one too (:

  2. haha i love that picture of conan. and that essie nail color is amazing..


  3. ooh really love the nude shade

  4. ooh conan and a baby coyote? dream come true! ;) that essie color is gorgeous!




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