Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This pretty image is from this rainbow wedding that took place recently. Isn't it awesome? Those are the bridesmaids' dresses! I've been looking into weddings lately, doing research for my boyfriend's cousin, Natalie, who is getting married and appointed me as her DIY girl. I love it. I'm not big on planning out weddings and going all out, but I love cute little simple weddings with a lot of DIY aspects and vintage flair. Non-traditional is where it's at. :) The more I look into it, the more excited I get about the possibilities, for Natalie, and for J and me farther down the road as well.

In other news, please please please check out my etsy shop! Everything is now under $30! That's a steal. Check it out :) HoneyBee Vintage

And a sort of wedding-y song :) [I don't know why there's a gerbil]


  1. Thanks for following me! Your shop is gorgeous by the way, the photos are beautifully done...also if you're looking for inspiration for DIY weddings, check out . I'm not planning a wedding, but i still love reading it!

  2. wedding photography is my favorite! i get so inspired :D def check out



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