Monday, May 9, 2011

HoneyBee Vintage SALE!

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of real posts lately. A lot's going on. Let me tell you that there will be new things in the shop by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. In anticipation of that, everything that's in my shop as of right now, May 9th, is on sale for five dollars off. Yep, 5$ off every item, for one week. I'm marking 'em down right as we speak. So check my shop out, let others know, etc. These items and more are still up for grabs at HoneyBee Vintage!

Also, if you're in or around the Venice area, I'm going to be at the release of McSweeney's Quarterly Issue #37. Click that link to get tickets! My professor is a regular contributor and he's reading there tonight. See you there maybe!

And some mood music for this fine day.


  1. Aww lovely. I like the one all curled up in the grass; it looks like a mash-mellow in a sea of green chai latte. x

  2. very beautiful!

  3. I love everything in your Etsy shop! I really wish I had a bit more money right now!

  4. Aaaaw, such pretty photos :). They are too adorable. The clothes seem nice too but I doubt you have my size as I'm not as petite as you.

  5. cute outfits :) i love that purple skirt!



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