Friday, March 4, 2011

look book!

So, this is the lookbook for I was trying to pick just one or two stills from the Spring 2011 lookbook but I couldn't settle on so few. Check out the whole thing here. And then here are the standouts.


  1. love this lookbook! thanks for posting. :]

    i'd love to do a shoot with you and johnny- did you want to do a calendar even though we're already in march? i suppose it could be for next year. Or, have you seen the 9-square pictures i do? That might be a fun one. let me know your ideas....even if you do want to go with the calendar, what's your vision for it (overhead or something else)?


  2. Their spring lookbook is truly amazing!!! I LOVE it ALL!

  3. Love their style, I found some pretty shoes to post from there last week! :)

  4. Amazing photos, love them all!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. You know Mark's friend from UCI owns ShopRuche? =)



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