Wednesday, March 30, 2011

book stuff and shop stuff

LA Times Festival of Books 2011!

Some things that will be up in the Etsy shop, hopefully by next week. And this is only about half of the inventory! (I took some quick shots last night in my room just to give you a sneak peek :) )Getting a lookbook and such made by my friend Emma, so be on the lookout. I got some pretties modeling my stuff (my young little American Apparel coworkers Karlee and Aaliyah).


  1. oh wow, will definitely be checking the shop out, really love the look of the cream shirt and dotty dress! x

  2. the festival of books! i remember when they would set that up at school--i was always a sure sign of spring :)

  3. Oh no, the sailor blouse is absolutely amazing! I like your blog too :)



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