Thursday, March 29, 2012

skin food

I stumbled on Skin Food the other day while shopping with my best friend Abby at the Cerritos Mall near her house. I was actually looking for The Body Shop for some body wash but we ended up walking into Skin Food because it was in the location that the Body Shop used to be in. I'd heard about Skin Food before but didn't know anything about it. Apparently, it's a skin and cosmetics store based out of Korea, and there are only four locations in the U.S. (all in Southern California). Check out their website! You'll be mesmerized, I swear. Walking in the store is an experience in itself because it's displayed in a simple, cute, organic-looking way that makes you want to buy everything in the store. You shouldn't, though, because it's super expensive, but I did end up buying more that just body wash. (Also, I've never actually purchased an eyelash curler in my life.) The smaller packets of body wash and skin care products were free samples, though. They're really nice and helpful there, and you get a little stamp card to earn a free polish, too!

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